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Conference on Fire Safety & Health 2016



Toxic emissions from modern building fires (pdf)
Richard Hull,
University of Central Lancashire

Fire development, intensity and toxicity (pdf)
Lars Schiøtt Sørensen,
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)

Active gas extinguishing systems (ppsx)
Thorbjørn Laursen,
Fire Eater A/S

Fire intensity of sandwich panels of foam and
other materials (No presentation available)
Rolff Ripke Leisted,
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

PIN flame retardants, fire safety and smoke toxicity (pdf)
Christopher Thornton,

The skin - a fragile barrier and a temporary depot following chemical exposures (pdf)
Jesper Bo Nielsen,
University of Southern Denmark

Brominated flame retardants - a threat to the environment and human health? (No presentation available)
Katrin Vorkamp,
Aarhus University

NoFlame. Novel flame retardants - from materials to humans (pdf)
Marie Frederiksen,
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)

Occupational cancer risk among firefighters (pdf)
Tommy Kjær
Firefighters Cancer Organization Denmark

Epibrand – a registerbased study of cancer and cardiovascular disease in danish firefighters (pdf)
Kajsa Petersen,
The Danish Cancer Society Research Centre

Biobrand - a biomonitoring study of firefighters and recruits under education as smoke divers (pdf)
Anne Thoustrup Saber,
The National Research Centre
for the Working Environment (NFA)